Retailers spend enormous sums of money on advertising to get customers into their stores, but have trouble evaluating which marketing techniques are grabbing and keeping their customers’ attention once they are in the stores. Audience detection software is a new innovation that provides retailers the ability to gather information to determine what is and is not working at their stores in real time. Retailers can learn from the data collected about their customers and respond in ways that were previously not possible without this technology.

The platform is an audience measurement and analytics technology that uses a webcam to identify customers that enter and spend their time in a store. By including gender, age, and engagement data from multiple locations, The platform provides much more than just a total count. It can identify how many real potential customers you had in-store and where during the in-store experience you lost them, allowing you to learn more about your customers in order to provide them a better customer experience.

The software can scan faces up to 25 feet away and can determine age and gender with approximately 90 percent accuracy using a standard webcam. The platform can also be integrated into our digital signage software to select and play personalized content based on who is in front of the camera. Imagine the ability a young adult, female, and then displaying content specifically tailored to her age and gender.