Convenience stores around the world serve 58 billion customers each year. These time starved customers want to enter the store, purchase their items, and exit the store in as little as 3-4 minutes. With such a short time to connect with customers, digital signage is a great way to influence buyer behaviour.

  • Content can be scheduled based on time of day, something that is not possible through static signage like flyers or signs.
  • Convenience stores continue to expand their offerings with stores becoming part supermarket, restaurant, gas station and even a bank or drug store. (NACS State of the Industry data). Digital Signage can help promote the depth of services offered.
  • Digital menu boards can promote beverages, desserts, and healthier options in the store as well as promoting higher margin products.
  • Digital signage is an effective way to introduce new product offerings and speed up adoption.
  • Digital signage at the front counter provides one last chance to influence customer purchasing behaviour.
  • Digital signage can help stimulate impulse buys, reduce printing costs, and reinforce your brand.
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