Before the age of digital signage, food service restaurants would use static signage in order to promote their menu items. This restricted their ability to change menu items in real time as items went out of stock. Menu boards are a perfect application for digital signage. However, menu boards require a “fail-safe” software and hardware solution. Customers can’t order from a blank screen. Menu boards require screens that are up to challenges of 24 X 7, and software that still works when the internet is down. The ability to create “templates” that allow for rapid price changes is a must With an ADFLOW digital menu board, displayed items can be changed in real time; menu items almost out of stock can be removed, while overstocked items can be promoted or sold at a discounted price.

Digital menu boards can also stream “glamour shots” or video content of what products look like to encourage customers to make point of purchase ordering decisions. Large screens placed accurately around the restaurant allow customers waiting to order can clearly see the options available.