Every day, more schools, colleges and universities are using digital signage to create a stimulating modern environment that makes working and learning exciting. Digital signage is helping to change the ways educational facilities communicate with students, faculty members and visitors

Information Displays

These displays will help you provide mass notifications and alerts to improve campus communication and security. You will be able to inform faculty, staff, and students of campus activities, effectively communicate campus brand, values, culture, sponsorship and partnerships, and present messages targeted to viewers at specific times or locations on campus.  You will be able to provide a great way to update individuals on campus about emergency situations, provide clear instructions, and notify them about next steps, and when the situation has cleared

Digital Menu Boards

The dining experience is one of the most unique experiences that the academic adventure has to offer. The endless bonds, the amazing food, the quick snack between classes — are all things college students remember. There is a profound effect that your dining hall has on its student body. Our digital menu boards allow you to quickly and easily update your daily menu, and allow you to fully customize your brand to reflect any food and beverage partners as well as brand your signage with your school logo and mascot. Students love a deal, and our digital signage allows you to promote any specials.

Directional Wayfinding

If you have ever been to a campus you will most likely remember how confusing it was to navigate the campus. With Directional Wayfinding the days of asking for directions across a campus are over! Guide your students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the right place and locate their destination once they are on campus.