Financial institutions find themselves under increasing pressure to connect with customers quickly and effectively. This immediacy stems from changing personal financial habits that have resulted in customers having fewer reasons to visit a branch with the growing prevalence of direct deposits, ATMs, and online banking. With only a few moments to capture a customer’s attention, it is no wonder why banks are adopting digital signage to target their audience.

  • Exterior facing screens create product awareness and can draw new customers into branches.
  • Digital signage facilitates cross- and up-selling of products- research shows that the more products a customer purchases from bank, the less likely they are to leave for another bank.
  • The in-branch experience such as interactions with tellers, is one of the only ways for banks to differentiate themselves and digital signage can help enhances the banking experience.
  • Digital signage can reduce perceived wait times by educating and informing customers.
  • Many customers use drive-thru, digital signage can be a great way to connect with customers waiting to use it for services.
  • ATMs allow customers to quickly deposit or withdraw cash, use digital signage on those screens to attract customers in-store.
  • Reduce training time for employees and ensure regulations are followed.
  • Digital signage promotes your brand and ensures no competitor’s products are shown as happens if using cable services.
  • Information such as interest rates can be updated in real time. This information can be updated automatically from other business systems.
  • The use of templates and content services ensures consistent messaging to manage your brand.


First Ontario Case Study