Grocery stores carry a huge variety of items and yet many shoppers only buy a small sampling of what is available. Regular customers purchase bread and milk and other low margin products without considering other higher margin products. Digital signage is a great way to influence hungry shoppers with high impact visual images.

  • Suggest complimentary items found in other areas of the store. If someone is in bakery, show cheeses and wines that would go with the bread. Cross promoting of items also moves customers around the store.
  • Digital Signage can increase sales and brand awareness by capitalizing on the key time in consumers purchase decision-making process – while in front of products.
  • Signage near the entrance can feature products and weekly sales & promotions, and direct traffic.
  • Up-sell to higher margin products such as prepared and ready to eat foods with mouth-watering visuals.
  • Generate revenue from 3rd party advertising sales and entertain clients in waiting lines, Increase accessories & impulse purchases, Entertain customers in waiting lines.
  • Changes and modifications can also be made anytime, anywhere. In terms of décor, the kiosks also included custom graphics on the exterior of the unit, to better blend into the stores overall feel and branding goals.
  • Price changes made at head office can instantly update in-store prices to ensure customers are well informed about the latest deals, increasing potential purchases.
  • Informing shoppers about food tasting events, recipes, product details and advertisements using vivid images and videos.
LG ADFLOW Fareway Case Study