The Quick Serve Restaurant is one of the industries that benefits greatly from cutting-edge, forward-thinking digital signage. ADFLOW offers solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and provide multifunctional digital signage solutions.


The ADFLOW digital signage solutions offers a wide range of flexible advertising options, an easy-to-use interface that quickly allows you to update, create, and instantly launch branded messaging, promotions, or anything vital to the day-to-day operations of your establishment from the convenience of your account anywhere you have internet.

Digital Menu Boards

The food service industry is always evolving; from seasonal promotions, to product prices, even to different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With so many close options to stop for food, customers base their decisions on what looks good on the menu and a strong customer experience.

  • Imagery of food to influence customer’s behavior at POP.
  • Increase return visits as customers can only purchase one meal at a time but may see many that they would like to try.
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner day-parting for target messaging.
  • Manage content from central location to increase cross-selling and up-selling products.
  • Digital menu boards to attract attention to specialty product lines or promotions.
  • Digital signage can promote products based on an external factor such as weather. Example: Promote coffee when it’s cold and ice cream when it’s hot.
  • Enhance customer atmosphere with “infotainment” such as news, weather, and restaurant brand promotions.
  • Display daily specials and nutritional information for healthy options.
  • Update menus in real time for individual locations for local deals or update the whole system for new product launches, limited-time offerings, or price changes.
  • Decrease printing and distribution costs by reducing the need for in store print advertising.