Customer’s shopping habits are shifting in parallel with innovations in technology. Today shoppers at retail stores are expecting an interactive and educational shopping experience. Retailers have recognized this change in the industry, as one in three retailers is currently using digital signage to interact with customers, with an additional 20 percent intending to do so in the near future. Digital signage allows retailers to connect with customers in ways they never thought possible a few short years ago.

  • Digital signage helps with promoting of the brand and provides a consistent customer experience.
  • Video walls can be used effectively to attract customers into your store or promote featured products inside the store inside.
  • Digital signage eliminates the cost of creating and distributing print ads and flyers.
  • Digital signage provides the ability to change promotions in real time for different products, timeframes, or customers.
  • The ability to engage with customers by connecting digital signage with mobile or web applications, or through the use of interactive kiosks.
  • Include real time product info including price, availability in-store, and shipping information – one of customer’s biggest complaints is going into a store and the store not having the product in stock.
  • Capture data for retail loyalty programs and provide instant coupons for smartphones.
  • Provide faster check out times for customers and allow customers to find their own information about products and prices without having to search for an employee.
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