While robust hardware and a full suite of services are critical to make any deployment of in-store digital media successful, the underlying software platform represents the single most important criterion for success. When it comes to managing the engagement of customers inside and nearby your location, it’s all about the software platform’s innovation, scalability, functionality and reliability.

As a leader in customer engagement technology from the very beginning, ADFLOW has continually “pushed the envelope” in providing innovative and important software platform capabilities.

The challenge in creating scalable software is providing the ease of use, and installation required for a small installation of a few sites and a few screens, and yet have the robust functionality to automatically schedule content to hundreds of locations and thousands of screens. At ADFLOW satisfying both ends of the market, has been a design goal since the beginning. Our software was designed by marketing for use by marketing, so ease of use has been a hallmark since day one. However, managing hundreds or thousands of screens with the same software requires functionality that automates complex scheduling, and other repetitive tasks.

ADFLOW’s DMS 10.0 represents the new standard of excellence for digital signage software. With far too many features to list here, a few highlights are:

One of the biggest complaints about digital signage solutions are comments such as “the system keeps going down” or “we have blue screens in our stores” or “we lost the internet connection and now have no content playing. Reliability is about having a system you can count on. At ADFLOW our average uptime is 99.8%. Our track record in this regard has been maintained with our current client base over the last five and a half years.

The key ingredients to delivering reliability are:

  • 1998 – Patent filed for communication protocols.
  • 1999 – First prototype of “DT Billboard” (to become DMS™) completed.
  • 2000 – ADFLOW Networks is established and begins operations.
  • 2002 – Canada’s first Digital Signage Network implemented by ADFLOW.
  • 2003 – 7/24 Network Monitoring Capability added to ADFLOW DMS™. Customer Support Department is established.
  • 2004 – First Interactive Customer Station implemented by ADFLOW. Project Management department is established.
  • 2005 – First “Lift and Touch” Interactive Sales Station is implemented.
  • 2006 – ADFLOW is granted a Patent, in accordance with its filing in 1998.
  • 2008 – ADFLOW implements an Interactive Customer Loyalty Station, with secure. Integration (via Web Service Calls) to a Loyalty Points system.
  • 2009 – ADFLOW delivers high definition multi-screen video walls
  • 2011 – ADFLOW DMS delivered to ADFLOW Health Networks to power biometric testing kiosks in Walmart and other major retailers.
  • 2013 – ADFLOW delivers its new generation product DMS 10.0 “ADFLOW Music” & Audience Detection capabilities are delivered
  • 2014 – ADFLOW implements real-time integration with external Data Sources.
  • 2015 – ADFLOW is granted 2nd patent for “Interactive Digital Signage Kiosk Technology” relating to the use of our “lift and touch” technology.
  • 2016 – ADFLOW joins the Daktronics family.


  • The ability to integrate to back-end systems to pick up data in real time that will be displayed on the digital signage network. This could be interest rates for a bank, service rates for a repair shop, or the price of cigarettes and gasoline for a convenience store.
  • The ability to play specific content based on external factors. Example: Promote ice cream when it’s hot outside and coffee when it’s cold outside.
  • Project content across a multiple screen video wall consisting of 2, 4, even 8 screens all in high definition.
  • Distribute content based on predefined business rules
  • Support interactive experiences including “lift and touch” capabilities.


  • Using purpose-built hardware designed to withstand the requirements of 24 X 7 use.
  • Providing a cloud-based solution hosted on a world-class scalable and secure network infrastructure offered by one of the world’s largest bonded providers. There is nothing to load or maintain on your servers.
  • Providing 24 X 7 monitoring which allows us to frequently diagnose and fix problems before failure occurs.
  • ADFLOW’s Store and Forward technology eliminate the need for 100% internet connectivity.