The purpose of Digital Signage is to impact customer behaviour and video walls can provide a truly attention-grabbing experience. Today’s ultra- narrow bezel screens (the edge of the screen that does not display imagery), can be mounted close together to create the effect of one continuous, very large screen visible from considerable distance. The results are amazing; video walls can get a customer’s undivided attention by delivering captivating content with unparalleled visual impact.

ADFLOW-powered video walls can span content across multiple and varied displays in an array of configurations; ADFLOW DMS can display content across all, some, or one screen. With advances in technology, video walls are becoming more adaptable in terms of shapes, sizes, and software capabilities. This new presentation of eye-catching content allows viewers to identify with your brand in a matter of seconds. ADFLOW’s DMS software allows true high definition video walls while many of our competitors “dilute” the original image when spanning screens.